Our theme this year was MESSY. That's because our heads are messy, our organisations are messy, and the world is messy. But where there's mess, there's opportunity to change behaviour.

You can get in on the mess by watching all the talks back by our amazing speakers, on Nudgestock YouTube. 

    The world is a mess
    Studying the mess
    Making mess work
    Your messy humanity
    Nudgestock 2023

    Nudgestock Starts

    The world's biggest festival of Behavioural Science and creativity begins!

    Carla Hendra & Ann Higgins

    Welcome to Nudgestock

    Welcome to Nudgestock from Carla Hendra, Ogilvy Consulting Global CEO, and Ann Higgins, Ogilvy Consulting EMEA CEO.

    Rory Sutherland

    It's time to embrace the mess

    90% of progress in business comes from exploiting the mess. Yet 90% of the effort is devoted to pretending it away. Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, teaches us that it's time to embrace the mess.

    Mona Chalabi

    Taking the numb out of numbers

    It's a numbers game. But these numbers might just help us make sense of our messy world. We've got world-renowned data journalist Mona Chalabi ready to take the 'numb' out of numbers.

    AI Panel: Wing Commander Keith Dear, Katie King, Christopher Graves and Justin Ibbett


    This year's Nudgestock panel will explore the transformative power of AI in shaping human behaviour - for both good and evil - and how we can harness this for the benefit of humanity. From the potential benefits of AI in personalised therapy, to diet and exercise plans, to overcoming specific behavioural challenges; as well as the potential risks AI poses to democracy and elections.

    Mary Ann Sieghart interviewed by Fiona Gordon

    Fighting the authority gap; how we can overcome it

    Current affairs guru, author and speaker, Mary Ann Sieghart will be sharing her insight and ideas on ways to tackle gender bias and how we can help women reach the top. Interviewed by Fiona Gordon, Ogilvy UK CEO.

    Steve Keller & Thom Noble

    Using Sonic Science to shape emotion and perception

    The science of sound meets effective advertising. Sonic strategy director, Steve Keller, and President at CloudArmy, Thom Noble, will be telling us about the ingenious results organisations can get when combining sound science and sound art to create something amazing.

    Marta Garcia Alonso & Roberto Fara

    The power of mental reframing for brands

    When behavioural science meets the perfect creative idea, we know we're in for something groundbreaking. Heineken creative marketing leader Marta Garcia Alonso, and Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Spain Roberto Fara, link up to dive into the messy process of a very spectacular piece of work - the turnaround of the brand Cruzcampo.

    Dishoom, Sticks'n'Sushi and more


    World-class catering from London's top restaurants. Dishoom, Sticks’n’Sushi, and an hour-long lunch break. The perfect opportunity to break (naan) bread with other enlightened professionals and practitioners!

    Paul Zak

    Messiness in the Brain: Where it comes from and how we can harness it

    Dr Paul Zak - ranked in the top 0.3% most cited scientists in the world - will be illuminating for us the neural messiness of our biased brains, providing an actionable framework that we can use to better influence people's behaviour.

    Klara Kozlov, Jamie Hamill & Elham Noorbakhsh

    Beyond brands: why people are the key to sustainability

    Real change starts with people. Backed by new research that challenges the status quo, Ogilvy Consulting and PSB Insights will share the key behavioural insights and strategies brands are missing to capitalise on sustainability. With a case study in support from Hellman's on the huge success of their behavioural science driven campaign, 'Make taste, not waste'

    Chris Graves

    From Nudges to Jabs, Why Revealing the “Hidden Who” Matters

    Unearthing how we can understand and use in-depth cognitive profiles of audience groups to overcome vaccine hesitancy and increase uptake.

    Puja Parmar, David Fanner, Mike Hughes & Bianca Novaes

    How do you study a behaviour like misogyny?

    Hear the behind-the-scenes story of the highly commended Mayor of London campaign 'Have a Word', and the fascinating behavioural science research that underpinned it. We'll get an exclusive take on how this impactful work came to fruition, and a taste of what's still to come.

    Mimi Turner

    Every Product Needs a Promise

    The B2B Institute will be sharing a short run through of some of the research presented at Cannes this year which shows that campaigns that have Promise-to-the-Customer at perform much better - across brand health, market share, penetration and sales effects - than those that don't.

    Kimberley Wilson

    How can we nourish and protect our most vital organ, the brain

    There's a unique link between food, lifestyle and the brain. Kimberley Wilson, chartered psychologist and nutrition expert, will be helping us understand how we can use the mess that is daily life, to nourish and protect this vital organ.

    Guy Leschziner

    The Nocturnal Brain and the value of sleep

    To sleep or not to sleep? The nature of sleeping patterns is a mess in itself. That's why we're bringing along Guy Leschziner, Neurology Professor, to help us learn how sleep can improve cognitive abilities and make us happier people.

    Rory Sutherland

    Closing remarks

    Rory Sutherland brings the day of keynotes and panel sessions to a close, before an evening of drinks and networking.

    Official Nudgestock Afterparty

    Official Nudgestock Afterparty

    An opportunity to get Messy in person, networking with hundreds of fellow Nudgestockers and speakers in London’s most iconic brewery.

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