Our theme this year is Time. To many of us, time is nothing more than a series of moments. But look at it through the eyes of a behavioural scientist and you'll see it holds untold influence. Time is me and you. Time is your customers and citizens. Time is what makes businesses thrive and brands iconic.

Check out our agenda below - timings subject to change. 

It's Time to Begin

The world's biggest festival of Behavioural Science and creativity begins!

Rory Sutherland

Are we now too impatient to be intelligent?

We weight the information that appears quickly over the knowledge that really matters.

Nava Ashraf

Save Tomorrow Today

Nava Ashraf (Professor at London School of Economics) will illuminate our thinking about time:  the power of "hyperbolic discounting" and the latest studies of commitment devices that show how brands and businesses can encourage everything from healthy behaviours to saving money. 

Oliver Burkeman

You're going to die

Author of best selling book '4000 weeks' (hint: the average amount of weeks you will live) Oliver Burkeman recognises your mortality and the psychology of understanding that you and your customers time is finite. Come prepared to face your bitter end so you can enjoy new beginnings in your present.

Satchidananda Panda & David Meinhart

It's Time to Buy

Satchidananda Panda (Professor at Salk Institute) and David Meinhart (Chief Executive and Founder) show us why brands can sell more by understanding how our circadian clocks can affect our propensity to consume. Get ready to find the right time to serve and sell, and how understanding your own clock has a profound impact on how you live your life.

Kirsten McPherson & Fiona Gordon

A timeless brand: Lessons from applying Behavioural Science at Philadelphia

Fiona Gordon (Ogilvy UK CEO) chats with Kirsten McPherson (Mondēlez Marketing Director for Meals) on the power of Behavioural Science in a commoditised category and the learnings they have so you can do it too.

Jonathan Haidt

No time like the present

Jonathan Haidt (psychologist and author) challenges Gen Z's relationship and time spent with technology, showing how our phones are stealing billions of children's time, and how we've overprotected kids offline whilst leaving them vulnerable online. Learn about the dangers of over-coddling the next generation and what this means for parents, governments and brand leaders.

Nuala Walsh

Tune in to What Matters

Award-winning Behavioural Scientist, TEDx Speaker, Author and Adjunct Professor, Nuala Walsh will reveal how today's noisy tone-deaf world amplifies our decision "deaf spots." Discover the PERIMETERS™ misjudgement traps, a tool that empowers leaders, brands and policymakers to not only optimise decisions in real-time but diagnose past mistakes and prevent future regret. It's time to stand out not lose out.

Mike Hughes

Time for Constraints

Our very own Mike Hughes (Consulting Director by day and rockstar by night) shows that rather than a constraint, time can be a catalyst for creativity. Prepare for a live demonstration unlike no other involving the entire Nudgestock audience.

Michael Norton

The Ritual Effect

Michael Norton (Professor at Harvard Business School) will show how shifting from a “habitual” mindset to a “ritual” mindset converts ordinary acts to meaningful moments and how brands and businesses can create their own rituals to engage customers and employees.

Fergus Flanagan

Time is an Illusion

BAFTA Award Winning Illusionist Fergus Flanagan will show us how time is the biggest illusion of all.

Emma Harris

Slow the f*** down

Emma Harris leads the Slow the Fuck Down movement redefining success as a balance of wellbeing. Get ready to check your speed as you hear this powerful and timely story.

Tara Swart

Time to change

Fresh from the Diary of a CEO, Tara Swart (Neuroscientist) will take us through how your own brain and body could be keeping you from success and how to spend your time most wisely to manifest the life you want to lead.

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