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Another year, another BIG and CLEVER Nudgestock under wraps – we hope you enjoyed yourself!

From networking in the Nudgeverse, to talks on sustainability and diversity, misinformation, polarisation, and vaccination, and hearing how the future is behavioural science, we hope you’ve been encouraged to think in different, counter-intuitive ways to solve your biggest problems.

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Partner Feature Stories

Our mission at Attuned is to help companies understand their employees better so that they can personalize the work experience to create happier, more productive organizations. And nudges—in the form of communication tips and recommended actions specifically tailored to each individual—are at the very heart of our platform. 

The first step towards creating new levels of understanding is our 55-question Intrinsic Motivation Assessment. Developed by a team of psychologists, this assessment measures the value that each person places on 11 key motivational factors, which range from Altruism, Autonomy and Competition to Rationality, Security and Status. 

Based on the answers, our AI creates an Intrinsic Motivation Report that scores each of these 11 motivators out of 100, revealing precisely what that person needs to be optimally engaged and fulfilled in a work environment. Unlike personality tests that pigeonhole people into one of 12, 20 or even 50 different ‘types’, each Motivation Report is essentially unique. In fact, there are more than 7.5 quadrillion possible combinations—that’s almost a million times the population of Earth! 

This report then forms the basis for a suite of at-a-glance insights, suggested actions and tailored nudges that help managers to customize their management style for that person. By communicating with each individual in the way that makes most sense to them, and by focusing on the values that drive them from within, managers can motivate their employees more effectively, build trust and Psychological Safety more quickly, boost productivity and creativity, and ultimately make work more meaningful. 

To make our nudges even more powerful, we are in the process of creating an automated messaging feature that delivers tips and recommendations ahead of 1-on-1s and team meetings, giving busy managers just-in-time insights that make a world of difference. 

To find out more, sign up for a free demo and discover how Attuned can transform the way your business communicates. 

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CloudArmy are globally renowned pioneers in Neuro-Nudge Testing. We provide science-led evaluation and optimization of nudge strategies, ideas and campaigns designed to change perception and behaviour. We are firm believers that stronger blending of creativity and mind-science ultimately delivers more compelling and effective nudges.  

We coined the term Nudge Meets Neuro to highlight our approach which encourages neuro-behavioural iterative test-n-learn throughout the development process. We endorse the notion that ideas inspired by an understanding of cognitive biases and behavioural heuristics and conceived to work at the intuitive, System 1 level, deserve to be tested at that same, deeper, more insightful level.  

At last year’s Nudgestock Innovation Workshop, we worked together with our Ogilvy Consulting partners, to demonstrate how our science-led testing methods enabled quantified evaluation of difficult-to-measure facets of the highly innovative brand, NanoSalad. We were able to identify amongst consumers, which propositional / motivational tagline was most intuitively emotionally engaging; how 6 subtly different shades of green implicitly evoked quite different triggering of key perceptual attributes; and which graphic design best resonated at the non-conscious level with the intended positioning.  

Our agile, multimodal online platform provides a global capability to test and optimize all kind of BeSc-inspired interventions from Innovation to Product Design, Packaging to Promotion and Pricing to Communications. And to forensically measure implicit multi-sensory aspects that traditional tools are simply not equipped to assess.   

Be they brand owners, creative agencies, corporate strategists or government policymakers, we partner with those most eager to garner a better understanding of the power of our non-conscious to grab Attention, shape Perceptions & Attitudes and cue Behaviour and Habits. 

This year at Nudgestock we will be co-presenting with Ogilvy’s Immersive Branding agency, Coley Porter Bell. This session will explore hot topics and themes increasingly being re-appraised for their role in non-consciously cueing and enriching Brand Experience, e.g., Distinctive Assets, Sound Design, Music and Voice, Shape & Form and Font selection.  

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Closing the say-do gap in market research

The limits of traditional market research are clear. What people say is different from what they do.  

We’ve known this for a while. David Ogilvy’s famous observation that people are poor witnesses to their own behaviour has hung in the air for more than 50 years. And, for the longest time, researchers weren’t doing much about it.  

In the past 15 years behavioural science – a new discipline, still mapping its boundaries - has emboldened researchers. They have realised that research through a behavioural lens is better because it closes the “say-do” gap. It gets us to the truth, ensuring organisations make better decisions. It gives researchers new tools, new techniques and new confidence to get there. 

How? At Trinity McQueen we observe, we use tech to get closer to the moments that matter and we experiment. We triangulate viewpoints using diverse teams and methods. We’re hungry to try new things.  

The world is a complicated place and the right path isn’t always immediately clear. But the truth is out there, ready to be found. You just need to work for it.  

We’re proud to be part of an industry with a bright future.   

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Instapanel is people-powered, tech-empowered market research. We run video and quant studies with impossibly quick turnaround times. With videos, transcripts, translations, and sociological codes, we help you grab that perfect quote to inspire your creative breakthrough and prove your work elicits the right emotion and behavior from the right audience. 

At the end of 2021, we worked with our wonderful partners at VMLY&R to take a strategic look at the most diverse generation that the U.S. has ever seen. Much has been said about Generation Z, but nothing that addresses the innumerable paradoxes that characterize their collective nature. 

The Instapanel team worked closely with VMLY&R in defining the audience as well as refining the questionnaire. In a 10-minute unmoderated video study, we covered a wide range of critical topics, including self-identity, cancel culture, finances, mental health, and more. In just a week’s time, we recruited a total of ~50 panelists, aged 13-24, ensuring representation across races and ethnicities. 

Instapanel collects remote, unmoderated, asynchronous video - this removes social desirability bias and groupthink so panelists feel comfortable recording authentic & vulnerable responses, allows geographically-diverse panelists to record videos immediately in a comfortable & natural environment, and lets us quantify what’s happening in the videos since there’s no crosstalk or biasing from other participants or a moderator. 

We at Instapanel pride ourselves in our ability to quickly and effectively connect our partners with the people they wish to better understand. We strive to deliver research that promotes empathy and human understanding—both of which we believe are necessary components of successful and relevant brands. 

The study allowed VMLY&R to tease out the subtle yet inherent tensions that exist within Gen Z, and bring that attitudinal and behavioural understanding to their work with clients.  

See the full study results here. 

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If we want to win the market, we first have to understand how decisions are really made. Our research with the Ehrenberg Bass Institute demonstrated that at any given moment, 95% of customers are out of market at any given time. Put differently, 95% of your future buyers are not currently thinking about buying your product, although one day they will. They’re definitely not ready to buy today. The job advertising does for these future customers, who form the basis of your future cashflow, is to build memory structures through passive priming. That’s the way to ensure that when they finally do enter the market, your brand is the first to come to mind.  

As tempting as it might be for B2B Marketers to fall back on promoting specific product features or specifications, these logical functional messages to not land with out-of-market buyers. Priming is better achieved when we understand that human brains remember emotions not facts. Whether you laugh or cry, emotional ads are hard to forget. That’s why Coca Cola promotes its products with Polar Bears rather than encouraging its audience to try a “Brown, Sweet and Fizzy Drink that’s Sure to Quench Their Thirst”. What’s more - emotional ads have been shown to deliver more revenue, profit, and market share growth than rational ads (Source: IPA Databank, 1998-2019 B2B Cases). 

If you’re a B2B marketer planning your next campaign, we’d recommend you invest in lead-generation efforts targeting the 5% of people who are “in-market” today, but don’t forget to invest far more heavily in reaching the entire category with brand advertising that resonates with future buyers. 

The brand that’s remembered is the brand that’s bought. Get to know the trends shaping the success of the world’s most memorable B2B brands by visiting: 

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Every day, around 1.145 trillion MB of data is created across the globe. It’s estimated that up to 90% of this data is unstructured qualitative text. Text data is the why behind the what and reveals people’s thoughts, feelings, frustrations and desires in ways that quantitative analysis can’t. 

However, analysing text data can be challenging. Why? Because generating market research, customer and competitor insights from text data can be costly, slow and labour -intensive.  

Enter Relative Insight. Relative is a text analytics tool that compares two or more written data sets to unearth the differences, frequencies and similarities in how audiences, brands and organisations speak.  

By leveraging both natural language processing and comparative linguistics, the technology is able to ‘read’ a text and highlight the topics, words, phrases, grammar and emotions that are present. However, it doesn’t stop there. 

The distinct comparative approach to text analytics enables organisations to understand what makes a text unique, as it’s the differences in what people, or brands say that are truly insightful and relevant. 

Knowing the differences in language across demographics, time periods or competitors means that businesses can gain better intel into customer behaviours, how consumer trends change over time, or how brand voice compares to the competition. 

Leading brands and agencies are using Relative Insight to analyse unstructured text data at scale for the purposes of: 

  • Voice of the customer analysis and insights 
  • Topic, theme and trend tracking 
  • Competitor intelligence and benchmarking 

Relative’s mission is to help customers to see text data as a strategic business asset and to learn how to derive massive value from often overlooked data sources.  

Every organisation is a sitting on a goldmine of data that has a potential to help make earth-shattering business decisions, you just need the right technology to analyse it. 


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One of the sectors well known for brand engagement is sportswear, with leading players constantly investing in building long-term relationships with their customers - not only through their products, but the entire journey they go on with the brand, nurturing communities of fans across the world.  

We worked with one of the world’s leading sportswear brands to bring their brand to life through their customer experience, making it sure it delivered on their brand promise by supporting seamless, omnichannel customer journeys globally - in over 61 markets and 21 languages.  

This long-term partnership has seen enhancement and innovation across the entire customer journey, designed around the creation of inclusive human experiences for a digital world. These have included sales-through-service, designing, and implementing a channel strategy which saw a 100% increase in instant messaging adoption, and implementing self-service IVRs, all while ensuring full integration to ensure seamless delivery of these innovations from a customer perspective. 

One key challenge was balancing, flexing, and scaling customer experience across multiple languages in peak times. Not only was this an operational issue, but it was also impacting the overall experience and NPS of their highly engaged customers, who expect personal and smooth interactions, anytime, anywhere, and through any device.  

To enhance this complex multilingual delivery and ensure appropriate representation of the client’s brand, Webhelp redesigned the overall operating model to support an improved customer journey, boosting brand advocacy. Through an agile offshore hub, Webhelp integrated and deployed their proprietary machine translation tool, Polyglot, and responses are now managed in 15 languages across 19 markets using this central team of advisors, augmented by AI.  

This human-tech combination lets customers receive near-instant, relevant responses through chat, email, and social media channels. While this machine-learning engine will continue to improve by adopting the client’s industry and business vocabulary and learning from expert feedback. 

Implementing Polyglot gives an average of +35 NPS enhancement in multilingual customer experience, with an average 76% first-time response improvement. 

It’s this kind of thinking that enables Webhelp to create game-changing customer journeys, helping the world’s leading brands deliver on their promises to customers. 

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