Starting as a plucky start-up in 2018, MAD//Fest has mushroomed to become the UK’s biggest destination marketing festival.

We’ve continued to innovate throughout but our ethos remains the same - to make an event that people want, challenge norms and cut out the crap out of industry events. This means bucketloads of inspiring content and thousands of cherry-picked industry influencers to meet and feast on new ideas, relationships and partnerships. 

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CloudArmy is a preferred partner for agencies and brands around the globe to uncover hidden implicit insights. 

Our online platform 'Reactor' combines the latest neuroscience and behavioral tools to evaluate and optimize Strategy, Design, Creativity and Nudges.

For Nudgestock 2023, we're partnering with world-renowned audio expert Steve Keller to explore how brands can more effectively use sonics:

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The B2B Institute

The B2B Institute is a LinkedIn Think Tank that researches new approaches to B2B growth.

The Institute partners with leading academic and industry experts to empower the B2B community with breakthrough ideas and category-defining research.

They are a diverse team of talented strategists and storytellers who are passionate about helping B2B marketers realize the opportunity brand advertising has in driving growth.


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Instapanel is people-powered, tech-empowered market research. We run video and quant studies with impossibly quick turnaround times.

With videos, transcripts, translations, and sociological codes, we help you grab that perfect quote to inspire your creative breakthrough and prove your work elicits the right emotion and behaviour from the right audience.

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Focaldata is a team of award-winning researchers, polling gurus, PhD data scientists and industry veterans - focused on removing the understanding gap between belief and reality through innovative technology.

We work closely with forward-thinking campaigns, brands, agencies and charities to understand and answer their hardest questions about the people and problems that make up our world. 

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Relative Insight

Relative Insight is an AI-powered text analysis software that helps brands and agencies analyse, quantify and visualize their text data - at scale. 
With a powerful suite of text analytics, Relative Insight enables businesses to quickly gain understandings of target audiences, competitors and trends, so they can make informed metric-based decisions. By analysing any amount of unstructured text data, Relative Insight reveals differences and similarities in how people and brands speak, and this incredible methodology enables users to glean unique insights in a fast, and scalable way. 

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42 Courses

42courses creates premium online courses on Behavioural Science, Creativity, and Marketing, served on-demand for teams and individuals alike.

The courses are guided by luminaries like Rory Sutherland, Richard Shotton and Tara Austin and are certified by industry giants: Ogilvy, Cannes Lions, WARC, and Parsons. Now infused with AI-enhanced guidance too.

Intrigued? Wander over to our website at 

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Working with retail and hospitality brands that understand the importance of a great customer experience, Startle use music, data and behavioural science to create atmospheres uniquely designed around their business and brand objectives.

With our specialist expertise, technical know-how, and best-in-class support, our customers are able to scale their perfected atmospheres to achieve consistency across all of their locations. In doing so, they are optimising their customer experience for immediate commercial gain and valuable long-term impact. 

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