Trinity McQueen

Trinity McQueen make audiences more predictable: they help brands create the best products, communications and experiences with award-winning research.

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42 Courses

42courses creates on demand, online courses for busy people who want to learn skills that help them at work and life in general. The learning is enjoyable, practical and taught by incredible people like Rory Sutherland, and certified by global brands including Barclays, Ogilvy and Cannes Lions. 

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A psychology-powered platform with a sprinkling of AI, Attuned shows companies what really matters to their employees by measuring the intrinsic motivators that drive each person and making these previously unseen values visible. This allows busy managers to get to know their teams quicker, identify blindspots at-a-glance, and communicate more effectively through suggested actions and customized insights. The result: greater psychological safety, increased productivity and retention, and happier organizations. 

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BEAR at the University of Toronto is home to the Behaviourally Informed Organizations partnership ( With our many organizational partners, we seek to co-create agenda setting research on how organizations can best harness the promise of behavioural science. Our forthcoming book Behavioral Science in the Wild (Nina Mazar and Dilip Soman, UTP) helps managers understand how best to translate and scale key research findings to solve their own behavior change challenges in the real world – from lab to field. 

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CloudArmy is a unique and potent cocktail of Behavioral Neuroscience, Computer Science and Data Science. We get hand-picked by innovative partners- be they Brand Owners, Researchers or Creative Agencies- to provide cloud-based, science-led behavioral evaluation and optimization on Strategy, Design & Creativity...and  throughout the development process.

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Instapanel is people-powered, tech-empowered market research. We run video and quant studies with impossibly quick turnaround times. With videos, transcripts, translations, and sociological codes, we help you grab that perfect quote to inspire your creative breakthrough and prove your work elicits the right emotion and behaviour from the right audience.

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Webhelp brings the brand promise of the world’s most exciting companies to life. 

We’re your virtual assistant, your Instagram post, your follow-up call, your save-the-day text. 

Across 55+ countries, 100,000+ people design, deliver, and optimize unforgettable human experiences for today’s digital world. 

From sales to service, and content moderation to credit management, we’re your trusted partner across all B2C and B2B customer journeys, driving exceptional brand loyalty and advocacy.  

Anytime, anywhere, any device we enthuse your customers, helping you thrive. 

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Relative Insight

Relative Insight is a comparative text analytics software that helps organisations generate actionable insights from text data using technology originally developed for catching bad guys online. 
Relative’s platform combines AI-powered natural language processing with advanced comparative linguistics to analyse any source of text data and drive enhanced contextual understandings of target audiences, competitors and trends.  
This approach reveals what makes data sets - and the audience groups, brands or products they represent, unique and similar, and the incredible methodology enables users to glean unique insights in a fast, and scalable way. 

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The B2B Institute

The B2B Institute is a think tank funded by LinkedIn that seeks to understand the factors that drive B2B marketing and decision making. Our mission is to identify the smartest thinkers in the B2B sector and collaborate with those experts to investigate how B2B marketing can create more economic value. We partner with the world’s leading experts in academia and industry to study the impact of B2B brand building on marketing, product, sales, and talent. 

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