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Founded by Rory Sutherland, the Behavioural Science Practice champions a combination of science and creativity. With over 10 years’ experience bringing Behavioural Science insights, ideas and interventions to life, we are experts in blending Behavioural Science, Data and Creativity to solve some of the world's stickiest human challenges. 

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Bringing Love Island and politics together to get young Brits to vote

Sometimes it’s not about a behaviour but about attitude and perception. We found that young Brits were more likely to vote in reality TV shows than in elections. We needed to get the next generation of Londoners to have their say. To overcome this, we needed to show them that in fact, voting is already something they do. To change their perceptions, we did the unconventional - we connected Love Island and Politicians. In just one day of the campaign, 113,044 young people registered to vote. 

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Boosting attendance and keeping gym goers motivated

Whether it’s driving a new behaviour, stopping an old one or creating a habit of existing ones, tapping into our understanding of cognitive biases and heuristics, we develop and test new impactful solutions that help you reach your objectives.  We found that low level gym visits at the start of a gym membership was linked to increased cancellations. While many of us sign up with good intentions, it isn't always easy to turn up. By uncovering the psychological barriers of going to the gym, we optimised the onboarding communications of new gym group members to do one more visit per month in the first 90 days. 

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Turning Huggies sales teams into Behavioural Science experts

If your problem could be solved rationally, you probably would have solved it by now! Bringing together Behavioural Science and Creativity, we provide a new perspective on tricky challenges. Huggies wanted to increase their diapers and wipes into hospitals across the US, so we needed to encourage decison makers to switch brands. We used Implicit Association Testing to understand the minds of Materials Managers, their decision-making processes, and their barriers and drivers to switching. We then built a psychologically informed sales toolkit which became embedded in the sales team's DNA, getting more Huggies into hospitals, increasing average monthly evaluations from 4.25 to 10.7 and boosting evaluation conversation rate from 53% to 65%. 

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We’re thrilled to announce our latest edition of The Annual, curated by Ogilvy Consulting: a collection of social initiatives and behavioural interventions from Ogilvy teams around the globe.

Available to download for free, it showcases our work in overcoming some of the world’s stickiest behavioural challenges.

Our Specialist Areas

Technology & Product Design

Enhancing product engagement​

Optimising user experience​

Driving digital behaviours


Attracting new customers​

​Boosting subscriptions & ​reducing churn​

​Helping customers find the right product for their needs​


Reducing vaccine hesitancy​

​Improving dietary habits​

​Engaging HCP audiences​


​Marketing ‘green’ products​

​Reducing energy consumption​

Enabling mindful consumption​

Organisational Transformation

Aligning organisational values and behaviours​

​Enhancing technology adoption​

Reducing unconscious bias in the workplace ​

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