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Ogilvy Consulting's Behavioural Science Practice

Championing a magical combination of science and creativity, we are the Behavioural Science Practice embedded within Ogilvy Consulting. With over 10 years’ experience bringing Behavioural Science ideas to life, we are experts in blending Behavioural Science, Data and Creativity to solve some of the world's stickiest human challenges. We'd love to hear from you!

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Shifting entrenched attitudes

Sometimes it’s not about a behaviour but about attitude and perception. Whether it’s getting citizens to care about an issue, overcoming social stigma or changing consumers perceptions of a product / brand, we surface the real why underpinning human decision making. We craft psychologically informed communications, campaigns and experiences to shift attitudes and shape perceptions.

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Changing behaviours - big and small

Whether your target audience are customers, employees or citizens, human behaviour is shaped by many irrational but predictable influences. Whether it’s driving a new behaviour, stopping an old one or creating a habit of existing ones, tapping into our understanding of cognitive biases and heuristics, we develop and test new impactful solutions that help you reach your objectives.  

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A new lens for old problems

If your problem could be solved rationally, you probably would have solved it by now! Bringing together Behavioural Science and Creativity, we provide a new perspective on tricky challenges . With novel techniques, we open up the solution space. Sometimes the most powerful ideas are the simple ones that were in front of us all along and sometimes they are the counter-intuitive ones that we least expect!

Our behavioural workshops and creative sprints unlock fresh thinking and innovative ideas.

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We’re thrilled to announce the 2023 edition of The Annual, curated by Ogilvy Consulting: a collection of social initiatives and behavioural interventions from Ogilvy teams around the world.

Now in its fourth year, it showcases our work in overcoming some of the world’s stickiest behavioural challenges. Download for free now.

Our Specialist Areas

Technology & Product Design

Enhancing product engagement​

Optimising user experience​

Driving digital behaviours


Attracting new customers​

​Boosting subscriptions & ​reducing churn​

​Helping customers find the right product for their needs​


​Marketing ‘green’ products​

​Reducing energy consumption​

Enabling mindful consumption​


Reducing vaccine hesitancy​

​Improving dietary habits​

​Engaging HCP audiences​

Organisational Transformation

Aligning organisational values and behaviours​

​Enhancing technology adoption​

Reducing unconscious bias in the workplace ​

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