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Curated by Ogilvy Consulting, the world’s biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity will be taking over the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London, once more for its 12th year on Friday 5th July - and this year we're uncovering the hidden power of Time.

To many of us, time is nothing more than a series of moments. But look at it through the eyes of a behavioural scientist and you'll see it holds untold influence. Time is me and you. Time is your customers and citizens. Time is what makes businesses thrive and brands iconic.

Put simply… the more we understand how we humans are shaped by time, the more we can wisely spend our own. Are you ready to harness the power of time?

Make time for the world's top behavioural scientists: London, Friday 5th July, 2024.

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MindTime Digital is a cognitive insights and neurographical segmentation technology provider. We utilise the MindTime theory and framework of human thinking and create pratical applications that realise commercial value.

Our products can be applied anywhere there is a need to have a better understanding of people.

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One of the leading media businesses in the UK and Ireland, our news brands include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Sun on Sunday and The TLS. Our national broadcast brands include talkSPORT, Times Radio and Virgin Radio UK, and we have market-leading local radio stations across Ireland. In April 2022 we launched TalkTV, a major TV channel available to everyone across the UK, delivering a schedule of news, current affairs, entertainment and sport, with Piers Morgan in a primetime evening show. 

Our world-famous brands provide news, analysis, opinion and entertainment to almost 50 million people each month. Spanning digital and print, audio and video, events and experiences, our brands are home to a plurality of opinion, representing the diverse communities we serve.  

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Instapanel is people-powered, tech-empowered market research. We run video and quant studies with impossibly quick turnaround times. With videos, transcripts, translations, and sociological codes, we help you grab that perfect quote to inspire your creative breakthrough and prove your work elicits the right emotion and behavior from the right audience. 

Instapanel collects remote, unmoderated, asynchronous video - this removes social desirability bias and groupthink so panelists feel comfortable recording authentic & vulnerable responses, allows geographically-diverse panelists to record videos immediately in a comfortable & natural environment, and lets us quantify what’s happening in the videos since there’s no crosstalk or biasing from other participants or a moderator. 

We strive to deliver research that promotes empathy and human understanding - both of which we believe are necessary components of successful and relevant brands. 

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Herdify is a software platform used by media planners and strategists that uses behavioural science to aid media targeting.  We work with brands such as MusicMagpie, Abel and Cole and Snow and Rock.  

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We combine behavioural science, design and data science to test and develop ideas that work.

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Relative Insight is an AI-powered text analysis software that helps brands and agencies analyse, quantify and visualize their text data - at scale. With a powerful suite of text analytics, Relative Insight enables businesses to quickly gain enhanced contextual understandings of target audiences, competitors and trends, so they can make informed metric-based decisions. 

By analysing any amount of unstructured text data, Relative Insight reveals differences and similarities in how people and brands speak, and this incredible methodology enables users to glean unique insights in a fast, and scalable way. 

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Working with retail and hospitality brands that understand the importance of a great customer experience, Startle use music, data and behavioural science to create atmospheres uniquely designed around their business and brand objectives. With our specialist expertise, technical know-how, and best-in-class support, our customers are able to scale their perfected atmospheres to achieve consistency across all of their locations. In doing so, they are optimising their customer experience for immediate commercial gain and valuable long-term impact. 

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Starting as a plucky start-up in 2018, MAD//Fest has mushroomed to become the UK’s biggest destination marketing festival, cutting out the crap out of industry events. 

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London School of Economics - a social science specialist university, with a global community in the heart of London and a commitment to shape the world.

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42courses creates premium online courses on Behavioural Science, Creativity, and Marketing, served on-demand for teams and individuals alike. The courses are guided by luminaries like Rory Sutherland, Richard Shotton and Tara Austin and are certified by industry giants: Ogilvy, Cannes Lions, WARC, and Parsons. Now infused with AI-enhanced guidance too. Intrigued? Wander over to our website at 

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OCEG, a global nonprofit think tank, pioneered GRC and Principled Performance. For over 20 years, OCEG has democratized GRC knowledge, offering open-access frameworks, resources, education, and certifications to professionals worldwide, driving leadership and strategy through the OCEG GRC Capability Model™ and Principled Performance®.

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Hogarth is the world’s leading creative content production company. Born to make the best work brilliantly, we uniquely bring creative, design, production & innovation together to deliver true end-to-end content capability for many of the world’s most famous brands. This approach of bringing craft ingenuity and creative ever closer helps unlock the innate knowledge of what works, how best to make it and how to drive innovation across all areas in this complex and ever-evolving landscape.

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In addition to advanced marketing solutions, we offer a wide range of service options tailored specifically for you. Whether you’d like experts to help every step of the way or just some gentle guidance, we’ve got you covered – from strategic insight to tech implementation to program management.

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